Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Deep Anime Meanings

Another thing I wrote awhile back. I added a few on recently though. I didn't work very hard on it. And yes, there are spoilers in here.
Written November 7th, 2010
Updated May 6th, 2011
We decipher the meaning, so you won't have to.

Wolf's Rain -
Possible meaning 1: The only way to get to heaven is to die.
Possible meaning 2: When you fail, the whole world starts over for you.

Full Metal Alchemist -
Possible meaning 1: Stuff keeps happening until you die.
Possible meaning 2: When you die, you just get sent to another reality.
Possible meaning 3: Equal exchange for everything is the law... except when it doesn't feel like it.
Possible meaning 4: Putting thousands of souls in a suit of armor. Not as handy as ya might think.
Possible meaning 5: The ability to salute people who are dressed like a total idiot with a straight face is a life skill no one should be without.
Possible meaning 6: Small children solve all problems. Pictures of small children, however, merely provide an energy boost.
Possible meaning 7: Being short sucks.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood -
Possible meaning 1: It's impossible to bring the dead back to life. Except when it's not.
Possible meaning 2: Killing people and stuffing their souls in jelly is rude.
Possible meaning 3: Don't turn your friends into sacrifices. If they survive, they'll kill you.
Possible meaning 4: You cannot defeat the sparkles of giant half-naked dudes, even if you ARE immortal.
Possible meaning 5: Never argue with women.
Possible meaning 6: Nobody EVER stays dead. EVER.
Possible meaning 7: Don't say God doesn't exist. It annoys Him. Also, don't try to put him in a bottle, it's bad for your health.
Possible meaning 8: You should always bug the phones just outside your military base if you want to survive.
Possible meaning 9: Composition matters when using alchemy. Except when you're in magic land.
Possible meaning 10: No matter how angry you are, never smash mirrors. That's seven years bad luck.
Possible meaning 11: Being short. Yeah, it still sucks.

Black Blood Brothers -
Possible meaning 1: Being from the “source blood” is really cool, except that you catch fire in sunlight, turn to ash when people throw crosses at you and melt in the water.
Possible meaning 2: Don't become a vampire and then turn yourself into a member of the Borg collective. It's rude.
Possible meaning 3: It's weird when your mother is reincarnated as your brother.
Possible meaning 4: Going into battle half-dead, not the best plan ever.

Sonic X -
Possible meaning 1: It's mean to try to take over the world.
Possible meaning 2: The meaning of life is to sleep and run as fast as possible.
Possible meaning 3: Never drop hedgehogs in the lake.
Possible meaning 4: Always side with the guy powered by shiny jewels.
Possible meaning 5: If you're gonna be evil, don't call yourself Eggman or name yourself after a tree.
Possible meaning 6: Scattering the power of the universe around is STUPID.
Possible meaning 7: Dressing like Mickey Mouse is an excellent idea.

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin -
Possible meaning 1: Don't shoot bears in the eye or they might become giant mutant freak things.
Possible meaning 2: Always allow small children to tell you what to do.
Possible meaning 3: Believe in yourself. But not so much that you don't have hundreds of guys lined up behind you, prepared to die for you.
Possilbe 4: Rocks towers are important.

Ginga Densetsu Weed -
Possible meaning 1: Being a cannibal makes you crazy.
Possible meaning 2: The smallest guy wins. Always.
Possible meaning 3: Do not create giant mutant dog/lion/bear things in labratories, then let them loose.
Possible meaning 4: Water. In winter. Is. Very. Cold.
Possible meaning 5: Being alive is overrated.
Possible meaning 6: Never kill people. Ever. Except when it's convenient.

Guyver: The Bio-Boosted Armor -
Possible meaning 1: When you see a weird glowing, slimy thing that flew at your head as a result of a huge explosion, do NOT pick it up and stick it to your face.
Possible meaning 2: Be unconscious when fighting. It's really better that way.
Possible meaning 3: Dying is overrated.
Possible meaning 4: Killing people who are dear to you is important. Do that more often.

Fruits Basket -
Possible meaning 1: Never hug strangers.
Possible meaning 2: Always listen to the voices in your head.
Possible meaning 3: Cats and Rats hate each other. But Dogs and Cats are fine.
Possible meaning 4: People who yell at you should be your best friend :D
Possible meaning 5: Growing up is all about becoming more immature. The older you are, the bigger a fool you should make of yourself.
Possible meaning 6: Start laughing whenever people fight. It ruins the violent mood.
Possible meaning 7: Always make the most moronic people in the entire world your friends.
Possible meaning 8: Everyone in the entire world is completely, utterly, undeniably totally insane.

Pokemon -
Possible meaning 1: Everything's better condensed.
Possible meaning 2: The world is composed of idiots.
Possible meaning 3: Always make the things you care about fight each other. It makes them happy.

Inuyasha -
Possible meaning 1: Always wear the poofiest clothing possible.
Possible meaning 2: Don't bite the hand that smashes you into the ground.
Possible meaning 3: Use the word “ye” as much as possible. It makes ye sound wise.

Orphen -
Possible meaning 1: Never steal people's magic swords.
Possible meaning 2: Whatever you do, do NOT do that one single, tiny, moronic thing that annoys the magic monsters. Ever. It's stupid.
Possible meaning 3: If your sparkles are inadequate, RUN AWAY!.
Possible meaning 4: Recruit as many idiots for your quest as humanly possible.
Possible meaning 5: Always drink green stuff.
Possible meaning 6: Never believe people who promise to “explain later”. They're lying. They'll never tell you anything.
Possible meaning 7: If you have the chance to destroy a building, do so at once. If you don't, make a detour to go FIND a building and then destroy it.
Possible meaning 8: Always name your children and pets after random words you found in the dictionary.
Possible meaning 9: Take any excuse to get a good close up of chests. Even dude chests. And, if there is no excuse, make one up.

Darker Than Black -
Possible meaning 1: Black Cats are your friend. Sometimes.

Soul Eater -
Possible meaning 1: Everyone has an evil, and a crazy and an afraid. That's fine. But when they start killing people they need to die.
Possible meaning 2: the best way to deal with your problems is to eat them.
Possible meaning 3: always believe that you are the most awesome thing since sliced bread. It may not help you win fights, but at least you can feel cool while losing.
Possible meaning 4: Coolness is everything.
Possible meaning 5: When confronted with breasts of impractical and possibly lethal size, men will invariably pass out and get nose bleeds.

Robotech -
Possible meaning 1: When weird alien ships crashland on your planet, the best thing to do is build a city around them, reconstruct them and then fly them without even knowing how they work.
Possible meaning 2: Always recruit civilians. They're better pilots than you anyway.

Last Exile -
Possible meaning 1: Planned wars are FUN!.
Possible meaning 2: Chanting stuff under your breath helps.
Possible meaning 3: Everyone should have a radio except pilots. They should just use flashlights.

Ouran High School Host Club -
Possible meaning 1: Be gay. It won't make your life better, but it will make people look at you funny.
Possible meaning 2: Don't take candy from babies. Even if they are eighteen-ish.
Possible meaning 3: It is quite possibly the stupidest thing ever to walk into an empty music room.
Possible meaning 4: say it with flowers. As many flowers as possible.

Ghost In The Shell (the 90s movie) -
Possible meaning 1: Just let your thoughts wander..... and wander..... and wander....
Possible meaning 2: If it's sentient, merge with it.
Possible meaning 3: You will never be complete until you blend with a cyborg of the opposite sex and wake up in the body of a little girl O.o
Possible meaning 4: Take any exuse to be female and naked. ANY excuse. Even if you're a badly damaged cyborg thing.

Aquarion -
Possible meaning 1: True love is dumb. Just go along with it.
Possible meaning 2: Let the rat win.
Possible meaning 3: Don't walk into buildings. The evil will suck the life from you.
Possible meaning 4: Don't adopt rabid dogs and pretend they're people.
Possible meaning 5: Always take the names of Greek Gods. You probably had the same name in a past life, only more dumb.

D. Gray-man -
Possible meaning 1: Don't try to make your family members undead. They'll kill you and wear you as a jacket. And that's just unpleasant.
Possible meaning 2: Never trust people who look like zombies.
Possible meaning 3: Harness the power of glowing green rocks. It's good for you. And bad for the enemy (wait a minute.... your enemy is Superman?. O.o)
Possible meaning 4: Never go anywhere without your flying squirrel-tailed ping-pong ball.
Possible meaning 5: Do not question the cursed eye. It's dumb.
Possible meaning 6: Do not feed robots coffee.
Possible meaning 7: If your security system thinks everyone is your enemy, it's time for a new magic gate. Stop attacking your friends. Right now.
Possible meaning 8: Maybe you should have a special 'welcome party' room so your new team-mate can actually eat sometime in the next three days.

Casshern Sins -
Possible meaning 1: Everything is your fault.
Possible meaning 2: Even if the person you supposedly killed isn't actually dead.
Possible meaning 3: It's still your fault, even if you were programmed that way.
Possible meaning 4: Don't try to destroy the robot with a built-in 'kill' switch.
Possible meaning 5: Your dog is smarter than you. And everyone else.
Possible meaning 6: Just kill everyone. It's really better that way.

Chrome Shelled Regios -
Possible meaning 1: Always ask strangers to crush your enemies.
Possible meaning 2: The future. It involves riding the backs of robotic crabs which are powered by glowing fairies and angry moose (goat.... deer..... things).... mooses.... meese?.
Possible meaning 3: Make one guy fight all your battles.
Possible meaning 4: Yell at said guy for fighting your battles by himself.

Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom -
Possible meaning 1: Children make the best assassins.
Possible meaning 2: Don't make friends if you're a mindless killer. Six months later, your friend will try to cut you into tiny pieces.
Possible meaning 3: Pink shirts make you look old O.o
Possible meaning 4: People who write plays are evil. And insane.
Possible meaning 5: Never assume that anyone is dead. They're not.
Possible meaning 6: Your past is dumb. It makes you dead.
Possible meaning 7: Impractically large breasts are a sure sign of crazy.
Possible meaning 8: All alcholic beverages can be greatly improved by putting mini-icebergs in them.
Possible meaning 9: Just kill everyone. It will solve all of your problems.

Consistent Meanings -
1 – Dying for your friends is FUN.
2 – Being reckless will get you everywhere.
3 – The one with the most sparkles wins.
4 – Always bring a moronic sidekick. Or, if that doesn't work, be a moron yourself.
5 – If there is a puddle, lake, stream, river or ocean nearby, stand in it. If there isn't, you can probably find a swamp of blood or something to stand in.
6 – The bigger your eyes, the more likely you are to be innocent. You are also likely to be kidnapped.
7 – The smaller your eyes, the more likely you are to kill people. You are also likely to be evil and/or insane if your eyes are small enough.

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