Friday, June 24, 2011

These Are The Thoughts That I Have

Written on: June 24, 2011

Possibly the first in a series. This is for when I'm in a writing mood, but have no real idea what I want to write about. Right this second, even I have no idea what I'm about to say.
So let's get started with this.

At the moment, I'm listening to Itunes on random. It's very interesting. I just now heard Hello – Evanescence, immediately followed by My List – Toby Keith. Interesting. And people think my thought connections are thin.

Today I did my linens and cleaned the fish tanks, simply because I didn't want to say “the most profound thing I did was throw a rubber ball, bounce it off the ceiling and then get hit in the head with it when it came back down”. Yeah. I did that.

Before I did that, I was feeling lonely and depressed, so I listened to sad music and drank a mocha coffee thing. After that, I no longer felt lonely and depressed.

Granny told me one of those stories about me – AGAIN. I was about three at the time, it was before they moved in. I asked Grandpa where he was going. He told me he was going home. After that, I said “you're supposed to be getting me out of this place”.
Yep, everyone laughs. Have fun. I don't care. I've heard it too many times to be embarrassed.
Anyway, it occurred to me: that's about how I feel most of the time.
Either I'm sick of seeing the same four walls in a very real sense, or I'm tired to seeing the same places in a metaphorical sense. I'm sick of doing the same things over and over.
I guess, in a way, maybe I'm thinking “God, you're supposed to be getting me out of this place!”.
That was meant as humor, not to depress y'all. I certainly wasn't depressed when I was thinking it.
I thought it was funny anyway.

Speaking of “y'all”, that's a really interesting word. I've seen it spelled both y'all and ya'll. I guess it depends on how you think about saying it. If you're thinking of it as “y'all” you're probably thinking of the 'a' as being part of the “all” in “you all”. Whereas, if you're spelling it “ya'll”, you're probably thinking of it as the “ya” in “ya all”. Plenty of people say “ya” in place of “you”. It's not that strange.
And then, of course, there are the people doin' it wrong who actually spell it “you all”. That is wrong.
I dunno why that is, since “you guys” and “you folks”, “you girls” and “you people” are all perfectly acceptable. I think we should start a trend and say “y'olks”. Ehehehe.... okay, not really.
I mean, people would think we were talking about the yellow part of an egg. And who wants to be called a runny yellow gooey thing?. Much less a plural of said gooey thing?. Ew.

Went to find a snack. Omigoodnesss!!. Wheat Thins!. I lurf da wheaty tins!. YAY!. *chomps Wheat Thins*. Ahem... yeah, I dun see dem often. Dey is all expensive for very little product per box. I treasure my Wheat Thins.

Anyway... so I was watching this movie from 1989 called Twister.
It was supposedly a comedy. Yet I couldn't find a trace of anything that even looked like it was SUPPOSED to be funny until the last thirty minutes of it.
Even then, that was brief and by then you just couldn't laugh.
Why?. Because the situation, characters and plot were so depressing that nothing could possibly be funny in the film. About forty minutes in, I wondered “I wonder if this would be funny if I was really drunk. After all, most of the characters are drunk, smoking or actually loony tunes. There must be something to this”. If I ever become an alcoholic, blame this film. Actually, no. Let's not be cruel. Blame the idiots who thought it was a good idea to make this film.
(Note: do not worry about the alcoholic thing. I've never tasted it, but it smells utterly gross. And thinking about how it's made out of food so old it ceased to be food makes me feel kinda sick. Besides, I think I'm tipsy enough without beer. I also wake up with headaches sometimes. So all the ill-effects, without the whole “drunk” thing!. YAY!. Wait... no)

Earlier when I typed “ Ehehehe”, my spell check wanted to know if I was looking for the word “Bethlehem”. What?. No. “And Mary rode a donkey to Ehehehe”. Fail.

While I was cleaning the fish tanks, Keiko (our smoky calico cat) looked on in horror. She firmly believed that I was plotting to flood the house. Or at least chase her down and give her a bath (because I've done that so often... like... all of... never :P). She's still peeking in nervously now and then, just to make sure I'm finished with all that evil plotting.

Speaking of feelings about tank cleaning:
Shadow (my newest Betta. I've had him just over a year) is still hiding, Cloud (the middle one. I've had him a year and a half) is frilling at the sight of me and Bluey (who I've had for just over two and a half years) is absolutely thrilled.
Yes, Bluey, your tank is clean. Yippee.
No, Cloud, I haven't stolen any of your stuff. Stop inspecting your rocks. They're all there.
Shadow, it's over. Stop being such a coward and eat your food.
Also, to show his displeasure, Cloud has repeatedly knocked his filter off the tank wall “yeah, I'm mad. I'm so mad I'm gonna smash my face into this filte- ahhh, it's leaped off the wall and is attacking me!. Help!. Help!!!”
Genius. Sheer genius. Then again. Cloud has always been a bit hyper-active.
And now he's showing me how macho he is. It's always funny when he hides and then sees me noticing him being a coward and he suddenly gets all puffy and mock-charges.
So he's not the brightest fish in the bucket. He's pretty and really very friendly, once he's done trying to prove how much more awesome he is than you.

Speaking of proving awesomeness, that reminds me of something involving Ricky a few years back.
A few years ago, there was this doe in our deer herd who was super aggressive. She trampled other does fawns and chased the yearling deer around. She was really very nasty.
Well, one day she took it into her head to chase Ricky. So she put her head down, flipped back her ears and charged. I expected Ricky to head for the nearest tree- which is what he started to do.
But then he whirled around suddenly and swiped right across the doe's nose.
The doe pulled up short, looking rather stunned. This... this... thing, small than a fawn..... YEOWCH!.
After that little incident, the doe made no further attempts to chase Ricky.
And, oddly enough, the fawns and yearlings suddenly seemed to REALLY like Ricky.
Which was fine by him, as he spends most of his time running with the deer herd (I think he believes that he really is ONE). Fortunately, the aggressive doe disappeared by the next year.
I suspect that the Big Buck chased her off. He was a very sensible fellow and always knew trouble when he saw it- and dealt with it accordingly.
And the one thing he would not tolerate was someone messing with his does, especially his favorite and the lead doe whom I called Flicka and her sister Faline (who actually always paired up with a much smaller, less impressive buck. For whatever reason, Big Buck didn't seem to mind. Perhaps because they were friends. They could often be seen hanging out together. I have no idea if any of this is normal for deer, but I firmly believe Big Buck was one of a kind. Although his son, Boulder, is a lot like him, though younger and less experienced).

Just now, about an hour after I finished cleaning their tanks, Shadow has finally come out of hiding.
Cloud is doing a funny dance to tell me how awesome he is.
Bluey.... well... he's acting pretty much normal. Or, at least, as normal as fish get.
I also just finished listening to Held – Natalie Grant, which has been followed by Perfect World – Simple Plan. Yep.... those are related.... somehow. Or not.

This year for my birthday, I mostly received Breyers. Which is fine, because they are awesome. I got a Traditional which came with a dog and cat (all of which are pretty and awesome) and a set of Stablemates (can't have too many of those). I now have two -I repeat TWO- foal Stablemates.
And it's about time too. Oddly enough, they're actually the same mold (that's the shape, not the color).

I feel awesome now. I was singing along with Praise You In This Storm – Casting Crowns when I left the room to put in another load of laundry. I continued singing and when I came back, I found that I was actually still in perfect sync!. I feel super now :D (even though all that means is that I can pace myself with the song).

I can't actually think of any more thoughts at the moment. So enjoy this picture of Ricky being superior to all of you:

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